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With Marble you can create

Customer training

Improve your long-term relationships with customers by creating great learning experience

Teachers onboarding

Create a pool of experts who know, use and will advocate for your product

Online school

Extend your business by teaching partners and stakeholders

Educate your AUDIENCE

Why Marble for your organisation?

Online learning experiences are everywhere now. Companies become successful learning providers and build learning communities around their products.

Marble is a new generation learning platform which helps companies to create embedded academies and educate their customers with an intuitive training builder.

It is designed and created by learning experts and PhD in education technology. We combine most effective teaching approaches based on research and advanced user interface.

For scale and growth of your business.

⏳10x less cost & time

Building onboarding seems complex? Now you can build it in clicks and minutes. We've measured.

👍 More enagaged customers

Do your customers understand the whole potential of your product? Educated customers retain.

🚙 Warm leads

Thinking to bring warm leads to your service or product? Provide knowledge and attract new users.

Marble Matches

Businesses & Academies

Marble enables academy creation in minutes. It makes your education stylish and effective from pedagogical perspective. Education becomes an essential part of your business growth.

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Marble is like an invisible layer that structures all our materials. Look and feel are not overloading learner and trainer.

Fynn Mazurkiewicz