All about EdTech 2021

Where to be as an EdTech startup: Events, Hackathons, Accelerators.

January 17, 2021
By Iuliia, CEO Marble‍
πŸ‘‹ Hi, welcome to the list of places where you can post your Edtech project, build the community and gain the insights in education technology. Events, hackathons, awards, communities, vis which can help you understand the EdTech network:)

πŸ’» Hackathons

EduHack 2021 (14-17 Jan.)

TreeHack 2021 (12-14 Feb.)

Future Education Hackathon 2021 (28-29 May)

Digi Edu Hack

🎟 Events & Conferences

GESA awards finals (20 Jan.)

International Day of Education 2021 (25 Jan.)

FETC Future of Education Technology (26-29 January)

EDUCA (29-30 Jan.)

LearnIt live world (8-12 March)

EdtechX Global Summit (No date yet, May-June

London EdTech Week (14-21 June)

ASU+GSV summit (9-11 August)

World Higher Education Conference (7-9 Oct.)

HundrED Innovation Summit (No date yet, November)

xCITED (No date yet, November)

OEB Β (1 -3 Dec 2021)

Education Disruption (no date yet, could be November)

Helsinki Education week (no date yet, could be November)

WEC2020 (No date yet)

🏎 Accelerators

Shaping Higher Education (apply before 15 Jan)

Started (fee 3500 California)

xEDU (no date yet, normally in autumn & spring)

Swedish EDTEST

EduSpaze, Singapore (No date yet)

Impact EdTech (No date yet)

Strombreaker (No date yet)

UCL Educate

Accelerace Denmark

MindCETGo (no date yet)

πŸ’° VC & Foundations

Emerge Education

Brighteye VC

Lego Ventures

EDucapital SparkMind VC

Rethink Education

The Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation

Lego Foundation

πŸ’¬ Communities


European EdTech Network

Learn and play


Nordic EdTech Forum N8

EdTech Finland

Education Finland

EdTech Denmark Swedish ETECH industryEdTech Estonia

πŸ† Awards & Ratings

HolonIQ’s EdTech

Global EdTech Startup Awards (GESA)

Nordic EdTech Awards

EdTech Impact

QS world Reimagine education

WISE Learning Ecosystems Living Lab

Education Alliance Finlance (extended list)

πŸ—ž Newsletter

Nordic EdTech News




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