Customer education explained in less than 150 words

April 9th, 2021
CREATED BY Aleksandra

Would it be nice to have an instrument that can:

  • build trust with your customers
  • inform on product features
  • increase product awareness

Good news! it exists and it is customer education 💫

Briefly, it's an instructional activity that is made towards customers to educate them about the product. It helps customers to make well-informed purchasing decisions and prevent the problems they might face along the way. Remember Apple? A great example of customer education, they use many methods from online course platforms to in-shop demo tests of all products to increase awareness among the audience.

Nowadays, there are many ways to educate customers, like blogs, help centres, webinars. One of the most innovative is building your own academy, your company branded university or school. It brings amazing results and data-driven results. Even more, it turns the company into an education provider and influencer in the field. Hubspot and its academy is a great example. It focuses on customer through the education.