Embedded academy

Improved customer experience via education and training

What is part of customer experience?

It is clear that customer experience is a complex process. It goes much further tham just product itself, and its design. We found three crucial steps which can help your product to succeed with the customers or opposite.

  1. Customer onboarding
  2. Customer continues engagement
  3. Customer as part of community

Each stage form the new level of relationships between you product or service  and your customers. And what is especially interesting is all of these stages refer the constant education of the customers. Our main hypotheses which we tested with different companies is that Adoption of the product depends on the how good the customer is educated about the product. And our initial findings prove the hypotheses and show the logical output.

"Product adoption is higher, if the customer is better educated about the product"

Customer onboarding

First step is to onboard the customer, clearly explain what is the purpose of it

Customer continues engagement=retention

Customer as a part of a community

"Future of Marketing and Sales in Proper onboarding of your customers"-

Run, Luke! Run!

Why Marble is a best fit for customer training?

  • Simple customer training builder

Marble space for training of your customers can be set in 5 minutes. You can set the space and immediately

  • Fit all 3 stages

Marble is more than just place for customer onboarding and training, it is the place where your customers can become a community. You can give the rights for them to become creators of the content. And nothing like exchange of the materials about your product, how to use product, or related to your product involve the users. It is also the highest level of education=teaching others. Add picture

  • Embedded in your business

Marble is an embedded in your business academy. It is customized and branded for you.

Read more about the trend of Embedded Education. And how your company can gain benefits of it.

📹 Use case from X

"Our company uses Marble for customer onboarding of our clients. Mostly we love that it is easy to add materials on Marble.

In the beggining we just added the materials which we already had and share the first onboarding path with our users and customers. Onboard path includes:

  1. Problem set
  2. General introduction to the product
  3. Value about our product
  4. Instruction overview
  5. And questions how you can

These great companies already have academies

More people acquire knowledge using the platforms where they can instantly create.
If you want to learn how to build website you go on Webflow. And can learn in Webflow University. Design? learn in Canva or in Figma course. Project management? Miro.Academy

Customer education is genius strategy to customer onboarding


Why embedded academy in your product?

What unites the most successful SaaS companies?
In their approach to communicate with their customers, educate them and build community around their product

They all have embedded academies in their product. Users learn website creation in Webflow University, design in Canva Design School. Project management in Miro.Academy, marketing in Hubspot Academy and many more.

Are you already educate your customers and gain these great benefits? See how Marble helps.

External academy.

For customers education and engagement.
Public or access via login.

Internal academy.

For internal education of your staff, introduction of new technologies and onboarding.
Private access.

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