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Why embedded academy in your product?

What unites the most successful SaaS companies? In their approach to communicate with their customers and build community around their product.

The embedded academies in their product help to
-Increase customer engagement and retention
-Build the community around their product
-Have happy customers!

While their users learn website creation in Webflow University, design in Canva Design School or in Figma courses. Project management in Miro.Academy, marketing in Hubspot Academy and many more.

Are you already educate your customers?

one click from it. We measured⏳

Look at these amazing academies showcased with Marble

⏳ 10x faster & easier built training

Building training and on boarding seems complex and time consuming? Now you can build it in clicks with customized materials.

👍 Happy customer onboarding

Does your customer understand your product well? Do you provide the proper onboarding? Educate your users and analyze the adoption.

🚙 Drive growth by community

How to retain and engage existing customers? How to attract new? Interact with your audience and build community around product.

We built the product which increase engagement of your audience and help you to scale your sales. Marble is a flexible training and onboarding builder. You can create fast and intergrate tutorials in your product. Better educated users lead to better adoption and increased engagement with your product.
By learning experts for business growth and prosperous of your company."

Dr. Iuliia Shnai, CEO Marble

I create the Academy for teacher community in Saint-Petersburg on Marble. It is easy to use place for micro-training. The great part of it, that there are already templates and materials which can be used for

Inna, EachTech

"We created courses for teachers onboarding to our product. we provide the IT training in germany. Marble is very flexible platform, which become part of our product. We use it for training, onboarding of teachers, parents and students."


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Between you and your customers education

46 sec

for academy set

5 clicks

to first micro-course
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