Immersive interactive paths

Training builder which turns links in the actionable learning paths

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Unique training delivery

Marble helps trainers and companies to transform your training to more engaging learning experience

SaAs Products of different type

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⏳ 10x faster & easier built training

Building training and on boarding seems complex and time consuming? Now you can build it in clicks with customized materials.

👍 Happy customer onboarding

Does your customer understand your product well? Do you provide the proper onboarding? Educate your users and analyze the adoption.

🚙 Drive growth by community

How to retain and engage existing customers? How to attract new? Interact with your audience and build community around product.

Marble fits your differenT learning purposes

Stay connected with your audience

Interact & Engage & Gain feedback

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of training, onboarding & teaching with marble

Create your first training in 7 min

10x Faster training delivery
of training and onbaording
Using existing resources
from different places to combine paths
Collaborative training
for co-creation and sharing

Add immersive interactions

shown daily
Path aDiscussion nalytics
for average progress and completion
Skills visualization
available for whole team communication

Analyze & Visualise

10x Faster training delivery
of training and onbaording
Using existing resources
from different places to combine paths
Collaborative training
for co-creation and sharing
“I support my clients with creating teachers' onboarding through Marble."
Inna, EachTech
“I started teaching with marble my audience. Using Marble templates, we created the content and designed the first course already in a week. ”
Alina, Consulting
"All Notion and Google Drive files structured in one place”
Vasiliy, SixHands
Iuliia Shnai, CEO Marble

We aim to build the product which increase engagement of your audience and help you to scale your sales and customer education. Marble is a flexible training and onboarding builder. You can create fast and intergrate tutorials in your product. Better educated audience lead to better adoption and increase value of your product.

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Why should I start with Marble?

The current situation around the world require to move the operations, teaching and trainings in online format. Therefore, to make the learning experience smooth we need to deliver education in online form.

Content creation for the training is so hard.

Marble does part of your job for you, turning the links in the interactive learning paths. We provide the templates and tools reccomendations. We gathered all the files which can be easily used and instructions, how to use them.

How can I start creating training ?

Start for free. There are 2 core ways to create course. You can send us materials and get the space with created learning paths or you can set up space on our website.Read more

How to create onboarding spending minimum of time?

Creating of onboarding path will take just 7 minutes especially if you have already some resources located in different places. Read more

Can I get a support with creating my content?

Definitely yes! We have specialists in the team who have experience in creating different forms of video, and other content design . In addition, we collaborate with Education Technology consultants in Nordics, Baltics and Russia, therefore can combine full team for content creation for your company.