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Why Marble for your organisation?

Marble is an intuitive training builder, a way to create a unique online learning experience fast and efficiently.

With Marble, you can embed an academy into your product or service and teach your customers.
Via the extended database of materials, you can educate teachers and onboard them to digital world or provide interactive learning flows integrated with your existing platforms.

Are you already educating? See how Marble helps.

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Building onboarding seems complex? Now you can build it in clicks with Marble.

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Does your customer understand your product? Are your learners satisfied?

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How to better engage your audience? Interact with and build community around product or organization.


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"Marble is like an invisible layer that structures all our materials and makes it easy to navigate all the education paths and items we've created. Intuitive platform focusing on what matters.

Fynn Mazurkiewicz (CEO & Founder)

We built the product which help you to scale your business. Marble is a flexible training builder for fast intergration of tutorials.
By learning experts for business growth and prosperity of your organization."

Iuliia Shnai, CEO Marble

I create the Academy for teacher community in Saint-Petersburg on Marble. It is easy to use place for micro-training. The great part of it, that there are already templates and materials which can be used for

Inna, EachTech

"We created courses for teachers onboarding to our product. we provide the IT training in germany. Marble is very flexible platform, which become part of our product. We use it for training, onboarding of teachers, parents and students."


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